Invest in American Real Estate

We believe in the power and strength of American Real Estate. The freedom to own land, homes, and real property of all types provides opportunities for everyone. Opportunities to secure a place to call home, a place to earn a living, and the opportunity to provide the means for others to do the same. The fundamental values and hard work of the good folks working day in and day out on Main Street USA have survived the times and thrived through thick and thin with a proud tradition of earned success.

Actual Main Street Properties Financed by ILS Legacy

This is what motivates us to do what we do. Supporting the real estate investors that are helping to vitalize our communities is our battle cry and our creed. It’s all the motivation we need to green light the sound investments our investors bring to the table and the investment fund opportunities we create for our passive investors.

Our commitment covers all corners of the US. The investors we commonly work with are from small towns and areas considered by many as “fly-over” states. We see these areas as our home, as the heartland of the US, and absolutely worthy of our utmost attention.

Main Street Real Estate Investment

It's a natural extension of our civic pride-

a chance for us all to be directly involved

in the ongoing prosperity and vitalization

of this great country of ours.

Let's Create A Legacy Together!

Join us on this journey and together we’ll build a future we can all call home.