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At ILS Legacy Holdings, Real Estate Investing is our passion.  Decades of experience in fix & flip, buy & hold, commercial property ownership, lending, capital investment fund management, and private equity real estate deals have enabled us to assemble a full menu of Real Estate investment offerings.  We’ve learned the ins and outs, gotcha’s and most importantly, the successful practices that generate wealth in real estate investments.

Our proven approaches have not only fueled our own success, but also the success of hundreds of other real estate entrepreneurs, property owners, and passive income investors. We’ve been working, refining, and developing real estate investing systems and techniques for years and we gladly share our experience and expertise with other financially motivated people.

The Best Real Estate Investments

There’s really no across the board Best Real Estate Investments that work for everyone.  Success depends on the individual investor and how they define success.  Some people prefer the excitement and satisfaction of turning a distressed single family property into someone else’s cherished home. Some prefer managing tenants, ongoing rental income streams, and building a large portfolio of real estate assets. Others like to reap the financial rewards of real estate investing without ever stepping foot through a single front door.

Regardless of which path of Real Estate investing you’re on, we can help you and support you in your journey.

Within the ILS Legacy Holdings family of companies, we operate a full-service real estate lending company, a capital investment fund entity, a pooled commercial real estate investment arm, and a number of other real estate related businesses.

A Unique Company Focused on Your Success

We loan money, but we’re not a bank.  We place investments for our clients, but we’re not at all your typical investment advisor.  How is this possible? We are Real Estate investors that have built a comprehensive suite of financial solutions that help us and our clients capitalize on the enormous potential of good Real Estate Investments.

Real Estate Investing
Commercial Real Estate Investing
RE Investments

Proven Success

Our innovative approach pairs the need for capital with private sources of capital in an integrated self-funded system.  This system maximizes the potential of leveraging other people’s money while providing an opportunity to invest in the historically best-performing assets that have stood the test of time- re investments.

Private Capital

The way we do this is actually very simple, though absolutely unique to us.  We raise capital thru a number of investment vehicles then apply this capital to the purchase of top-performing commercial real estate assets and high quality loans for fix and flip projects, rental property portfolio acquisitions, and commercial real estate rehab projects. 

Unmatched Flexibility

With complete control of the sources of capital and the vehicles used to put it to work, we harness the ability to adjust and pivot as needed in response to any market environment.  We can lend money in ways that benefit both the borrower and the investor.   We can create custom loan products that support new ways of doing business.  We can respond and double-down on market cycle shifts like no other company can.  We can help you become a more successful real estate investor.

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