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ILS Legacy Holdings was founded by Tom Berry and Donald Sutton who have both been involved in real estate investing and private money lending for over 20 years. Their longevity is a testament to their expertise and respectability. They are dedicated to helping clients successfully build a legacy for their families and future generations.

Donald Sutton


Donald embarked on his professional journey right after graduating Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from Stephen F. Austin University. Quickly recruited by a defense contractor, for the next five years he delved into satellite and missile science, contributing significantly to undisclosed U.S. government agencies. His notable achievements include groundbreaking work on the NORAD defense system's "war games" missile technology and a satellite system crucial for locating and monitoring troop movements during Operation Desert Storm.

Transitioning to the private sector, Donald became a seasoned software engineer, collaborating with renowned companies such as Oracle, E-Systems Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, and EMC Greenplum. Over the next 26 years, he led design teams developing system software for both private sector enterprises and government agencies. During this period, Donald returned to his hometown, where he met his wife, Fredia, with whom he has shared over two decades of marriage. They are proud parents of four children, the eldest of whom is actively engaged in the family business.

While immersed in the corporate world, Donald strategically diversified his portfolio by investing in rental homes, mobile home parks, and apartments, steering away from the traditional stock market route. As his work and travel commitments intensified, he discovered the appeal of passive investing as a private lender, accumulating more than two decades of experience in this realm.

In 2014, a pivotal partnership with Tom Berry led to the creation of Investor Loan Source (ILS), providing private capital for fix and flip, buy and hold, and commercial property investments. Expanding their reach in 2018, Donald and Tom launched ILS Capital Funds, offering an avenue for passive investors to engage in the thriving private lending systems they had established.

Donald's affinity for the technical facets of real estate investing, coupled with his highly analytical mind, has driven numerous business innovations that fueled the remarkable growth of ILS Legacy Holdings over the years.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Donald finds fulfillment in serving as a project leader and mentor for local 4-H and FFA chapters. His mission is rooted in helping others build wealth and achieve optimal returns with minimal risk. According to Donald, success is most rewarding when shared with others.

Tom Berry


Raised in the Appalachian region, Tom's childhood dreams were always centered around becoming a successful businessman. Fueled by a desire to break free from the generational poverty surrounding him, Tom, the son of a coal miner, bypassed college and embarked on a journey through the corporate world, steadily climbing the ranks in sales and management. Recognizing his knack for turnaround management, he specialized in reviving unprofitable companies, stores, or departments.

After honing his skills through various challenging roles, Tom took the entrepreneurial plunge, establishing his financial services firm. Armed with 18 licenses encompassing life and health insurance, property and casualty insurance, mortgages, and securities sales, Tom and his wife dedicated themselves to assisting families in crafting efficient financial and investment strategies.

In 2006, the couple made a bold move, relocating their family and business from a small Ohio community to the thriving market of Houston, TX. Unfortunately, the unforeseen financial crisis in the subsequent year dealt a harsh blow, wiping out their hard-earned savings. Undeterred, Tom reinvented himself as a real estate professional, building an impressive portfolio of over 400 rental units and engaging in numerous residential and commercial property transactions.

In 2014, a pivotal partnership with Donald Sutton led to the co-founding of Investor Loan Source (ILS), where they successfully closed over 2,100 loans totaling $1 billion in volume. Expanding their venture, Tom and Donald launched The ILS Funds in 2018, opening opportunities for passive investors to participate in private lending systems. Currently managing over $118 million in investor capital, The ILS Funds have consistently delivered strong returns.

Tom, married to Melissa for two decades, continues to call Texas home, surrounded by their four adult children and eleven grandchildren, some of whom are involved in the family business. An enthusiastic hunter, Tom cherishes family moments on his exotic game ranch in central Texas. Committed to sharing his wealth-building knowledge, he advocates for real estate as a pathway to success. Formerly the host of "The Real Estate Rush Hour" radio show, Tom remains a sought-after speaker, crisscrossing the country to address conventions and mastermind groups while fulfilling his role as CEO of the ILS group of companies.


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