Multiple Companies with a Single Clear Vision

The group of companies we know today as ILS Legacy Holdings is the natural result of an unwavering focus on meeting the needs of real estate investors.  The journey to where we are now started with our very own initial real estate investments.

We purchased properties. We renovated and sold properties. We quickly noticed our need for innovative tools and solutions that just didn’t exist.  Whether it was a finance partner with some flexibility and independence, a bridge loan to cover a commercial start-up, or educational and mentoring guidance to help us plot a course for success in real estate investing, the help we sought was not available.

We were not alone either.  Other real estate entrepreneurs and investors were also looking for the very same things we were.  We decided to take an active approach and develop the support and systems we all needed to be successful.

This need for real solutions first drove the establishment of Investor Loan Source (ILS).  ILS was one of the first companies to offer private money for real estate investors, opening up all kinds of unique loan options.  ILS lends money based on the strength of the deal, not some obscure and often unrelated bank requirements. ILS has innovative loan solutions to handle everything from financing a single property to building a massive real estate portfolio through rental property investment, multifamily investing, commercial real estate investing, and more.

The natural complements to the ILS loan products are the passive real estate investing and equity real estate investing opportunities made available through ILS Capital.  ILS Capital offers a range of Real Estate Investment Funds that present the opportunity to participate in the lucrative lending side of real estate.  With a full menu of investment offerings including growth funds, income-oriented funds, and equity funds, ILS Capital provides an opportunity to invest at different commitment levels, time frames, and risk tolerances.

ILS Capital also has Equity Funds that invest directly in Stabilized, Income-Producing Commercial Properties.  Each property is identified and selected through proprietary methods that continually monitor a wide variety of real estate asset markets. Once identified and an intensive first level vetting process is completed, investment in these properties is then made available to ILS Legacy clients.

Buying and holding commercial real estate requires professional property management services.  That’s where Flat Rock Property Management comes in.  Our Flat Rock Property Management group performs all aspects of property management for the many real estate assets owned by our companies. By managing our properties ourselves, we have a very high level of control over the financial performance of our real estate equity investment programs.

Unparalleled Commitment to Real Estate Investors

ILS Legacy Holdings was founded on real estate investing and continues this sharp focus even today.  We’re investors ourselves and understand what it takes to be a successful real estate investor.

Historically, real estate has consistently made more millionaires than any other asset class.  We’re committed to help real estate investors succeed by providing the products and services needed to take their businesses to the next level.

* Disclaimer: While all of our affiliate companies may share owner membership, each entity is solely responsible for its own financial obligations.

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